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You don’t need a new Enterprise System.

You need an expert team to upgrade your existing Software and Applications, saving you time, money, and risk.

For over 10 years, Novarata has developed software within existing ERP, CRM, and Accounting Systems.

We provide custom solutions using our distinctive Agile Methodology led by Product Managers.

Custom solutions. No commitment. Proven Results.

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ERP, CRM, and Accounting System Modernization

Software Development

We develop customer software within your existing ERP, CRM, and Accounting Systems.

CRM and Accounting System Automation

Application Modernization

We are fluent in Legacy Software Codes to repair, maintain, and upgrade your existing web applications.

CRM and Accounting System Automation


We custom build Automation solutions for CRM and Accounting Systems.

cloud migration

Cloud Migration

We are proficient with Amazon Web Services and moving your infrastructure to the Cloud.

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