Application Modernization

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The Problem

The World Wide Web began over 30 years ago. Now, many businesses are managing aging Web Applications that cannot keep up with their growing needs.

Installing new Web Applications is not always the best solution. New applications are expensive, time-intensive, and risky for business continuity.

Our Solution

For over 10 years, Novarata has specialized in the repair, maintenance, and upgrade of existing Web Applications:

  • Fluent in legacy application codes:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
  • Customized solutions within your existing System
  • No monthly commitments

Agile Methodology led by Product Managers

Our distinctive approach uses Agile Methodology led by Product Managers. In contrast, most companies lead implementations with non-technical, Project Leads. 

Novarata Product Mangers are proficient developers who create custom solutions within your existing architecture by deciphering the current code, understanding your business, and deciding what is strategic to deliver.

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